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Private Mortgage

Why would I use a private mortgage lender


  • You want to purchase an unconventional property that a prime lender or bank won’t finance.
  • You need fast financing and don’t want to wait for a long approval process.
  • Your bad credit history means you are being turned down by conventional lenders.
  • You only need a short term loan.
  • You have unconfirmable income that is preventing you from obtaining a traditional mortgage.


    A private mortgage may be the best solution for you if:


    ⦁ You were already turned down by the bank for a traditional mortgage loan

    ⦁ You struggle with poor credit

    ⦁ You have income that cannot be verified

    ⦁ You do not have time to wait for the approval process of a traditional loan

    ⦁ You have unconventional mortgage needs (such as for residential or mixed-use properties)


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